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So I guess the FACT that the Kennedy’s, the Bushes, and a whole lot of other Presidents had their children sitting in on meetings was different? Please! We will see Ivanka and Jared involved in MUCH of what is going on and there is NO threat to our Democracy! The THREAT to our Democracy has been defeated along with our threat to national security, our military and our jobs! The Trump’s need to “use” the govt to further their business with the Trump Organization about as much as they need Michael Moore to advertise for them! They MADE their success all on their own and will continue to do so, and their KNOWLEDGE should be well received by Americans! God KNOWS we need all the help we can get undoing the horrible policies that have us with 93 Million Americans out of work, and fighting the ongoing divisions the Liberals spew out everyday! Americans need to UNITE and work with this new President, and if he gets half of what he has set out to do done, we should be grateful with the way they are fighting him at every turn! What everyone should SEE here is that any Party or person who would try to STOP Americans from progress is NEVER who we want to listen to or elect into power!! EVER!