What does the VeggiDome’s Successful Indiegogo Campaign accomplish? Plenty!

The VeggiDome was invented by a dad who wanted his kids to eat healthier — it led to a powerful invention

Duncan Burns is a dad who simply wanted his kids to eat healthier. Years of experimenting led to Burns’ invention of the VeggiDome. It’s a low-tech housewares item made of glass — and it will save lives and reduce food waste. How? By keeping your veggies on the table instead of hidden away and forgotten in the fridge… to end up in a landfill emitting methane greenhouse gas 27 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

The fast food industry, easy access to unhealthy snacks and processed food has created an American obesity crisis. Now there are urgent calls to solve this problem. The VeggiDome is a valuable tool. It’s part of the solution. It will transform your kitchen — and your relationship with your veggies.

We are visual creatures — you will see fresh and clean veggies out on the table in a stylish glass dome… and eat them. Yep, it’s that simple.

The cookie jar has been replaced by the VeggiDome

Burns, has been circulating 12 VeggiDome prototypes in our Los Angeles community and it has changed those of us lucky enough to try it. Now, we are all passionate about the opportunity to affect healthy outcomes for millions of people. The chefs who have tested the VeggiDome won’t return them. Nice problem…

So we launched an Indiegogo Campaign to manufacture the first 2000 VeggiDome units and expect them to be arrive in the next month or so.

Watch the videos and testimonials from our community to see for yourself at Veggidome.com. We expect that you will become a fan.