I just don’t understand this.

Unfortunately, people like Yvonne don’t care about that. They talk about the will of the people being denied while making it clear they’re happy to void the will of the people themselves. If Clinton were as across the board hated as they insist, Bernie would have been beating her overwhelmingly in EVERY primary and caucus, and no amont of election fraud would have prevented that. They literally don’t care about any amount of evidence that refutes their falsehoods, it’s just Establishment Lies. If Clinton is winning, it can only be fraud; the millions upon millions of people who voted for her don’t count as people, apparently.

They’re all in for a rude shock, because Bernie isn’t going to win. He HAS already lost the nomination and no amount of chest thumping will change that. Clinton will take the nomination and then she will win the general. This is the reality. Saying that no Bernie supporters will vote for Clinton is a fool’s hope and a lie. They will, and they will in DROVES. The Bernie or Bust /Never Clinton brigade is a fringe movement. Most of the country hates Trump, and most voter will remember that after tomorrow when we finally can focus on what’s important. Bernie WILL concede, and most of his supporters will wake up to the reality facing us and support Clinton. She will win the nomination, and then the general, and, oddly enough, the world will NOT go to hell.

I can comfortably say all this because this is what the ACTUAL experts, with history behind them, are forecasting. This is a tempest in a teapot that sounds a lot bigger and meaner than it is due to the nature of internet forums to tend toward echo chambers.

I’m going to be banned for this. Oh well. I can live with that because I know how this is going to end, and Yvonne is in for a crushing disappointment. No matter how many times she insists to the contrary.

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