The Half Life of Love

In a world of twos,

Every thing

Bears the seed

Of it’s opposite.

A man, a woman,


Pulled together thoughtlessly.

Like drunk drivers

In a head-on collision

the moment slows,

As the

Spirit drifts higher

the liebestraum

an opium dream

a painless place,

Two become one.

And there you are high,

Together, very high.

Sensation rushes through

Every sinew, you are living

A love dream

And you want more.

Until what was one,

Becomes two, forever none.

And that the drug is still

In your system.

Everything hurts,

The pain is a ten.

You swear to God

you will never do this again.


What is the half-life

Of Love?

Cheryl Amy Hollander

February 6, 2016

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