The Weaponization of Sexation

First of all I am a woman. I would say my looks are above average and that being born a female is a challenge in and of itself. When I was a little girl and had my first suitor at the tender age of eight who proved his love with a pound of chocolate covered cherries; my mother decided it was time to have the “talk.’ Oh, one other “thing”- I had said the F word and my BF told her mother who told my mother and you know how that goes.

She sat me down in the kitchen and explained, or tried to explain sex. She left out a few key datums, like basic anatomy, orgasm, ejaculation and menstruation. Then she wrapped up the tutelage with how the Virgin Mary conceived Jesus IMMACULATELY!?! WTF? I walked away confused and disgusted.

Fast forward to 2017, by now I have had enough bad experiences with the opposite sex to have achieved a certain level of wisdom. I have had my share of abuse as the Rolling Stones say. However, I do not consider myself a victim.

Why do I say that? Because, short of being physically held down, I can say no, I can fight back. I have teeth and nails and I can scream really, really loud. I have been assaulted, but I fought back. I also didn’t wait years to report it.

So, let me get to the point. The subject of sex has always been an area where lines get blurred. The Weinstein story is disgusting; Donald Trump’s “locker room” boasting is disgusting. Why is he still President? Why is Donald Trump still President when he has openly admitted to assault? Grabbing someone’s genitals is assault. It is not a flirtatious kiss, it is a misogynistic power grab.

Not to mention, Roy Moore, who according to Ivanka, may have a special place in hell…

Yet, Charlie Rose’s life is ruined, he gets fired and Al Franken is under investigation? This is not justice. This is a Witch Hunt. Al Franken’s accuser came out the day after he interrogated Jeff Sessions. Charlie Rose’s accusers a few days later. Charlie Rose is a liberal icon. According to Donald Trump by apology, he is admitting guilt, nevertheless Charlie was tried in public by media, his peers. How ironic, if you didn’t get that.

This is not how Democracy is intended to function. Remember “The Crucible”? Just a reminder, in case you missed it; it is a play about the Salem Witch Trials, whereby innocent persons were accused, tried and died horrible deaths based upon the unlikely false or misleading testimony of accusers, victims of visitations by demons or LSD (moldy rye bread). The Crucible was written by Arthur Miller as a metaphor; for the defamed McCarthy Era trials (circa 1950-) based solely upon accusation and innuendo to blacklist persons by guilt by of association with communists and thereby ruining reputation and celebration of many artists in particular.

This is not Democracy.

Notice the recent targets: Al Franken, Democrat, Charlie Rose, Media Liberal Icon and now Matt Lauer, day-time TV Icon? The conduits of free speech, free press and we need to protect that, with all our hearts.

If you don’t see the connection, I am pointing it out. It is wrong, it is unjust, there is no due process, and Donald Trump should be subject to the same treatment and held to a higher standard. Your rat pack tax plan is a con job.

No pass, Donald.

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