So, I stumbled upon this app by scrolling through Facebook and seeing my good friend Lee had been writing posts and sharing there. So, of course, me being my ever so curious self, I had to see what this was! This may just be the app I’ve been searching for!

I’ve been looking for the perfect app to express what’s on my mind at different times throughout the day, with what’s going on in my life, things from my past, and so on. I’m going to be checking this app out a little more before I start posting a lot, but this just may be what I have been longing to find! A place to put down and share my feelings and life experiences so I can share with others, and hopefully get feedback, inspire others to share, and to make some g

I have a lot of insomnia and wake up often in the middle of the night because my mind is so full and I have so much to let out. This may just be what I need to help get all this excess thinking out, and may help me learn to sleep again! Here’s hoping!! Welcome and enjoy!

“Be nice to one another and do something nice for someone!”

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