March is gradually coming to an end and it’s been one of a series of activities on EasyFi platform. As we know, EasyFi is a Layer 2 DeFi Lending protocol for digital assets powered by Matic Network.
Below are some major highlights on our amazing platform this month.


The month of March began with EasyFi’s announcement of expansion to the Binance Smart Chain network, a move that would make $Easy accessible on three chains including 0xPolygon and Ethereum networks. This was one well thought out plan by Easyfi as it means the $EASY token would be available on different Blockchains, ensuring a swift and seamless lending service to DeFi users. This was an announcement that saw its fruition last week as $Easy was successfully implemented on the BSC network through Binance Bridge. This has opened to $Easy holders opportunities that abound on the Blockchain as they can now make inter-chain transfers across the different chains.


Perhaps and aftermath of the BSC integration, the @EasyfiNetwork twitter following saw a remarkable growth from the 17k followers in February to 19.4k followers and still counting. This indicates more people are becoming aware of the potentials of EasyFi and securing their spots while the train is still warming up.


Another major milestone on EasyFi platform this month came on the 9th when EasyFi restarted its Yield Farming Program (YFP) on 0xPolygon chain which was put on hold for a while. A guide was published highlighting major processes to aid users partake in the YFP, such as how to move their coins from Ethereum to 0xPolygon network, etc. To boost this program, EasyFi has opened stable coin pools where users can farm $Easy with good APY by staking their stable coins such as $USDC, $DAI, and $USDT. The program will last for 180 days, starting from March 9th. Do not miss out! You can view the different pools and their corresponding APYs here.


EasyFi also came up with a new UI for easyScan based on feedbacks from the community. The two windows the new UI allows are the staking and lending windows. Users can get updates here on the available programs they could invest in. To further strengthen the staking and farming programs, the “Active Program” toggle button was introduced to help users view both past and current staking and farming programs.

Another interesting feature that was introduced within the course of the month was the MetaMask Network AutoSwitch which allows for easy wallet interaction. Now you can easily switch from Ethereum to 0xPolygon, Polygon to BSC, BSC to Ethereum with just a click! This conveniently replaces the manual RPC network changes.


A worthy mention here was EasyFi’s strategic partnership with Bitmax to aid their rebranding from BitMax to AscendEX_Global. Note too that BitMax has, within the month, enabled a bridge that lowered deposit and withdrawal costs of $Easy on their platform thus, accelerating the processing time.


EasyFi has also achieved new listing of MATIC and $WBTC as the new collateral markets on its protocol. This makes EasyFi the first L2 protocol to list exclusive money markets for MATIC and WrappedBTC on 0xPolygon.

These are really great accomplishments by EasyFi within the span of one month. Now we eagerly wait for the coming months to know what EasyFi has in store for us. In the meantime, you can stay up to date with developments on the platform by subscribing to their social networks below:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EasyfiNetwork
Telegram: http://t.me/easyfiNetwork



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