Why I’m Playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Games in the time of coronavirus

The allure of the outdoors

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a game with a view

1. Views have a calming effect by not requiring much of our focus or attention and allowing us to let go and be in the moment

2. From an evolutionary perspective, views from a vantage point helped us spot predators and find food, and it’s possible that sense of safety is hard-wired in us

3. Seeing cityscapes gives us a sense of social engagement, as well as pride or awe at the accomplishments of us humans

Integrating beautiful vistas into video game design

Video games can satisfy our inner wanderers as we shelter in place during the coronavirus pandemic

Software engineer and game designer. Work in, studied and write about video games, indie games, VR, entertainment & technology. cjleo.com.

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