We are our heroes.

“It’s official. We're the last ones left.”

This text I received from a close friend of mine last evening, holds within it so much about my generation. It was triggered by a picture on Facebook, posted by a mutual friend of ours who had just announced her upcoming wedding on the social platform.

I couldn't help feel a little tinge of angst myself, as I replied to her saying “Nah. They save the best for the last.” Because, let’s face it: being an independent working girl in her late twenties without a ‘stable relationship’ doesn’t seem like such a bad thing on most days. Except when Facebook chooses to throw a few honeymooning couples and new born babies into my timeline.

Most of my early twenties were spent believing and assuming that by the time I was nearing the big 3'O’, everything in my life would be right on track. This would mean a good and satisfying career, a few travels worth writing about, some decent savings and of course a happy relationship.

Well, life is right on track about all those things except the last one. And this isn’t just me I’m talking about here but a whole lot of young single women of my generation. Does this mean that we’re too independent and focussed on our careers to have overlooked that aspect of our life?

Far from it.

When Rapunzel let down her long golden hair to be rescued from the tower, when Snow White lay in her deep spell induced sleep waiting for her Prince to come rescue her- all through childhood, we've been bombarded with the message of needing to be saved by a knight in shining armour. But what if we decided to be our own heroes?

Without waiting for a friday to go live our lives, without needing a vacation to really breathe, without having a relationship to really feel ‘complete’.

Today, I share a bond with my girlfriends that is deeper on so many levels. Our friendships have grown to become the soul mates we craved, it has become the family that we assumed we would create. We take pleasure in setting each other’s homes, in helping take major life decisions, in discussing work, in holding each other through adversity, in being each other’s pillars of support.

Does this mean that it wouldn’t have happened if our lives had panned out exactly the way we had imagined? There is no knowing for sure. But I do know that in supporting and holding each other, we have learnt more than we would have individually. We are stronger today because we have each other, and we are better for it.

If a beautiful relationship were to happen, if love was to happen and those shared dreams were to become reality- there would be nothing more perfect than it. But in the wake of it being more fantasy than reality, we’re fine being each other’s heroes.

We’re fine. Just the way we are.

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