Diversity Books: A Librarian’s Curriculum

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As a school librarian, I create my curriculum around diversity celebrations and historical events:

My curriculum highlights and compliments school values, celebrations/holidays, or classroom curriculum (which I omitted, for the most part, from this list). With the recent attention of “OMG I need to read diversity books to my kids now,” I am sharing these lists of diverse books to help others who might be interested in books on particular topics, by grade. This list is not perfect and I am planning on updating it and shifting some titles for next school year; at times, I was limited by my school’s collection. …

I had always found the idea of a home birth romantic, but never thought I’d actually do it. It just seemed aspirational because who has a home birth anyway? I would be screaming in pain and drive all my neighbors crazy with the noise, and my apartment would be such a mess, full of blood and amniotic fluid and placenta everywhere. …

Before I went to India for the first time for my yoga teacher training, I was a little clueless about what to pack. The bulk my trip I spent at my yoga teacher training and other yoga intensives. My second trip was spent at a prenatal teacher training, and traveling to see friends. And of course, I still didn’t learn, and packed poorly, and oh well. I’ll survive with a heavy poorly packed bag. That’s life, I guess.

Yoga retreats everywhere require slightly different packing lists. …

The future is yours. You can do anything.

When you’re twenty, there are so many possibilities. School. Amazing jobs. Travel around the world. Living abroad. Getting married, having a family. A lot of it seems elusive to you, but you know eventually that you will write and publish that novel, you will get that degree, you will have an awesome, meaningful, well-paying job, you’ll have friends, a great social life, a nice house.

In the meantime, you are just figuring everything out. You go to school and complain about papers and pointless tests, and trudge to work and roll your eyes behind your boss’s back and say, “When I leave here, I will never…” Weekends are spent at sticky dive bars (places whose appearance under floodlights would horrify you), and 4am finds you clutching a piece of pizza on a wilting paper plate in one hand, the other in the air, frantically waving, trying to hail a cab. Every once in a while, someone will do something out of the ordinary, like run a marathon, or get married, or join the Peace Corps. Everyone will celebrate and have a party and discuss the details and then forget shortly after, because after all, everyone is the most important person in their own world, so let’s go back to focusing on that. …


Cheryl Yanek

librarian, writer, yoga teacher, RD of the burning man ultramarathon

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