Bullshit about posture causes pain & suffering
Cheryl Lee

Hi Nick, thank you so much for your response. This piece is actually a draft I submitted to the HuffPost. The final piece will appear on their platform, where they have now given me a blog spot. I have reservations about the language… but it does get people to read the article. Some will react against it as it doesn’t confirm their bias, others will reflect, maybe comment, add a link….

My intention in writing the article is to stimulate debate and offer opportunity for questions to be asked about the way pain is handled. I am neither a scientist nor an expert in pain — but I have authentic experience that has led me on a journey of learning about it. And I’m finding that it is a journey that never ends. There are so many factors at play in the pain experience.

What I am finding, as I learn more about the evidence-based approaches to pain and the neuroscience of pain and movement, is that 1)people often stop moving when they are in pain, or move differently 2) a person’s beliefs and expectations about their pain play a huge role.

Where do these beliefs and expectations come from? Are they evidence based?

There really is so much to say on this topic.

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