Linda Mancini … A Forkful of Italy

BOY, WHAT an ordeal JUST for a driver’s license! My gosh , it is like they are being extreme for some weird reason, who knows why. It is like the old days when I used to drive down to Mexico, I haven’t been since things got bad there and they started wanting passports, I don’t have one. I remember you had to bring extra $$ to pay off the policia down there, JUST in case. I am surprised that Italian women keep their maiden name. I did when I was married and in Portugal the woman uses both names like you do. With the boys to show the family line they take the mother’s maiden name as their middle name, that way they can maintain and trace the families, but that is old school, I am not sure they still do it. I have my grandfather’s Naturalization papers for he and my grandmother and mom, all written in portuguese to the American agency in San Francisco, just like the paper they said they wanted from you. Then they say they won’t do it? Strange! Well just wait a while and hopefully the ticket thing will go away and while you get the name thing fixed you will have time to study for your

license. Good luck! I used to make jam too, and loved it! I would eat it with a spoon sometimes on vanilla Ice cream, yum! My thing was strawberry jam. I would grow SO many that I made jars and jars and would have a bunch to last me a long time. I even froze some. STILL good! You always show such good food!

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