With the soul sucking cost of rent, I was faced with the decision to keep my car and find a apartment in a terrible neighborhood or sell my car and find a nice place close to public transportation. During the search for a new place, my sister found a great studio with 14 foot ceilings, central AC, a gourmet kitchen and a gorgeous bathroom in downtown San Jose. This was the place for me and I had to make it happen.

THE MATH: Selling the Car

In 2015, I traveled for two and a half months on business then visited…

Day 2 as Pokémon trainers, the kids and I went on a night walk while Pokémon hunting. I scoped out the area on my way to work looking for Poké stops and areas which had a bunch of the floating green leaves.

TIP: Areas with lots of floating green leaves have a lot of wild Pokémon.

Luckily we live between 2 parks, so we decided to explore the other park since I saw a lot of floating leaves there on the way to work. This park had two Poké stops and a treasure trove of Pokémon. We caught Pikachu, Sandshrew…

Photo Credit: Dennis Mojado http://photography.mojado.com/archives/2004/04/25/welcome_to_fishermans_wharf.php

My daughter, Nanabear introduced me to the fun of Pokemon Go in the streets of San Francisco and San Jose. I didn’t understand the hype until the #Infagirls came over for brunch and were excited to catch a Charmander INSIDE my kitchen. They discovered there was a Pokemon Stop outside my window. They could catch Pokemon and replenish their poke balls every 5 minutes, while sitting on the couch.

With the holidays approaching, I was looking for ways to cut or eliminate bills so I could spend more money on gifts for my family. The biggest bill after rent and the car payment is the hundreds of dollars I’ve spent on Verizon. It’s averaged around $175 or more per month for mine and my daughter’s phones. My iPad is on AT&T and I spend $30/month for 3 GB of data per month.

Then I thought, what if I use the SIM card from the iPad in the Verizon Samsung Note 4. I suspended Verizon service*, then I looked up…

Once upon a time, I had dreams of joining a book club. I wanted to meet at a locally owned coffee shop to drink fancy pants coffee and dissect the motivations of characters or uncover the themes hidden in the book. Then life happened and I couldn’t commit to reading the right chapter each week or prepare for the book club questions because it felt like homework and seemed overwhelming. As an introverted bookworm, I continued to read books and hoped to follow along online but that wasn’t a thing until I realized I could use social media.

Being obsessed…

Cheryl Marquez

Vlogger, Jetsetter, Hopeful Romantic who loves sharing food and fitness hacks. http://www.bombchel.com #paleo #coffee #tech #lifehacks

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