Art and Commerce sitting in a tree…

For the past 20 years my contribution to art has been to create exhibits that are accessible to all. Not everyone has the time or money to go to museums, and galleries can often be intimidating places. When I approached Sprint with this concept, one person, Patrick Robichaud had committed the Prow to be a space for art. At the time I approached Patrick only one artist’s work had been shown and did not get the attention everyone had hoped. I promised Patrick that having a curator in NYC, and making the space accessible to all, as well as curating compelling exhibits, this space and the art would touch millions of lives. With over a million people a week viewing the work, we did just that. And so many of the viewers touched us deeply, as well. Especially the beautiful, wide-eyed children of this city and the world. Those that came in with questions and comments. Those who wanted to meet the artist. Those that just wanted to see NY from inside this unique space looking outward from the art. The veterans of war during Cindy Kane’s Eyes on the Ground exhibit, with whom I met and listened to for hours about their experiences in war. The little girls who screamed in delight when they saw young ballerinas in the space. I can’t thank you all enough for allowing me to do my work for 5 years. And especially my incredible artists: Hu Bing, Rebecca Riley, Song Xin, Lin Yan, Serena Buschi, Stephanie Hightower, Chelsea Hrynick, Christina Lihan, Cindy Kane.

But most especially you, Michele, thank you for this incredible photo. I knew we were losing the space when you took that photo. The photo has brought me nothing but joy. And although this is all bittersweet, I am so grateful to have worked with so many talented artists along with the fabulous Patrick Robichaud in the iconic Flatiron Building.