interesting 3D touch tweaks through Cydia installer

So today we are going to narrate a great story for all our jailbreak readers to go after best 3D touch tweaks and apps. Jailbreak is all about customizing the stock Apple iPhone operating system for the user betterment. The bond between jailbreakers and Cydia installer has a long history surrounding tons of applications that let you draw varies features to the official odd structure. However, 3D touch was the battleship to the Apple system once iPhone 6 starts its journey. Now it becomes something familiar and demanding for all those who possess facilitated iPhone.

Those individuals who feel so many have been missed thus far during the tenth iOS session must not worry since they have the chance to visit the most cherished Cydia app store. Here is everything great that you would surely please to have on yours. Though it seems that the topic is an older, guess, some of you attentive jailbreak will surely love to go through these collectives continually.

Great 3D touch Cydia tweaks


Tether is somewhat that you must try during your jailbreak experience. You can use this to form the alarm, calendar or reminder and that will be able to arrange the time you desire. This is an exclusive and an original function that you can only reach through Cydia download. This available for S0.99 on BigBoss Repo.

3D Touch Notifications

This is something that you will surely interest. As it introduced itself, you can use this to open notifications in handier than ever. Swiftly open notices on your Notification panel or else Lock screen. It will give you a wide description with what you wish.


Since the day that all users start working on jailbroken devices must attract multitasking applications that you can have several features with a single installation. But this is something greater than the rest you know. You can swiftly reach recently opened sessions and favorites on your left.

On the other hand, Snakebite is not an exclusive for those who hold 3D touch effect devices. You can even use without for several signs.


Forcy is another great one that you can even have on your device just for free. This is one of apps that let you move between rapid movements.


Your Calculator app will handy when you come to CalculatorCopy tweak.


3D touch on folder images? So then, unquestionably, Appendix is the best.


This uses the UnlimShortcuts from Cydia tweaks to offer you extra camera settings on your quick action menu. Also you have a panorama recording as well.


Pay zero for this installation and that offer you the ability to reach the Camera image devoid of true launch.


Gram is again comes for $0.99 with a unique feature. It measures the light and the heaviness of components up to 385 grams.

By the way, if you are looking for the jailbreak iOS 10.3.1, stay there few more days for Pangu team to reveal their plan. But do not get hurry to install 10.3.1 or 10.3.2 the recent for any purpose since even reports could not confirmed the release date of the certain utility thus far.