Full Moon in Pisces — September 6th — Astrology Vs. Numerology

We are just about to witness another full moon on September 6, 2017. At 13 degrees Pisces, you will have to check your personal natal chart to see which house it will affect the most.

It’s a bit iffy for relationships with the Moon and Neptune conjunct, and then both of them opposite the Sun.

Like the rest of 2017, yes…we’re reviewing relationships again — particularly close ones. We may feel exceedingly close to someone special, yet untrusting all at the same time. Keep your focus on what’s important, and go slow.

On top of the suspicious feelings that may swirl around our circle of close friends, Mercury stations about 24 hours before the full moon. We all know Mercury retrograde and its ability to throw a wrench in the works. Mercury stationing can have challenges of its own.

Over the next two weeks, take it a day at a time, don’t jump to conclusions if communications break down, and do more listening than speaking. People can not verbally fight with someone who will not participate.

In the Realm of Numerology

Wednesday’s numerical vibrations are 6/6/7*. The 6 is the number of relationships, and 7, for all its good points, can make mountains out of molehills when combined with the doubles.

The double 6 tends to bring out some of the more challenging aspects of the 6, which can be self-sacrificing one’s goals for the sake of another. We also may put too much focus on a particular relationship, and with the 7, begin to think too much.

What we may be thinking, isn’t what’s happening.

Be sure to make yourself one of the important topics during this full moon. The 6 loves to nurture, and it’s time to take care of yourself first.

Over the next 5 days, (through September 10th), think twice about engaging in an assertive, or troubled personal conversation. Trying to prove a point, or pointing fingers will not produce the conclusions you’d hoped.