July 9th Capricorn Full Moon VS Numerology — Intensity In The Skies!

The Full Moon in 17 degrees Capricorn today is conjunct Pluto, and opposite both the Sun and Mars.

What this combination brings is excessive change, purging, and the Phoenix that explodes. However, the Phoenix always rises from the ashes after its mass transformation.

Not only will feelings and emotions be on edge, but many will respond to situations without thinking first. This is the time to count to 10, walk away, and spend a few minutes in nature before responding.

Relationships that are finished and have served their purpose will take this opportunity to separate. But with the intensity in the skies, they may not conclude on a congenial note. Words will be spoken that can not be retrieved, and conversations that can not be repaired (Pluto opposite Mars).

If you find yourself in this situation, take the high road and remember that silence is golden. In the future, you’ll appreciate it. This combination really does have your best future in mind; it just may not feel that way.

In the realm of Numerology

Today is a 9/7/8* — a combo that I call the “Heavy Numbers” of Numerology. They are not “bad” numbers, but all three make us look internally and ask ourselves the big questions of life.

They’ll have us reviewing everything about our choices, and then ask, “Are you sure this is where you wish to be and how you wish to live?”

Pluto and the number 8 have no room on their agenda for you feeling like a leftover for another individual. This goes for personal, business, family, or communal relationships. 9 may be the humanitarian and practice compassion, but even it has a line drawn of how much it will take.

With 9 and 8 sitting in the strongest categories, endings (9) can go out with a bang (8). Intensity of words, actions, and emotions can be possible, but this is a time for accepting what is, keeping emotions in check, and walking away.

8 is the number of business and I expect that many will be focusing on their jobs, and co-workers. So often, we don’t recognize our co-workers as “relationships”. (Truth be known, we spend more waking time with them than with the people in our homes).

Many offices will experience a massive change in personnel over this month. Some will leave permanently; some will be rotated to other departments. And with the 8 vibration, it will be very cut and dried. Unless you’re the boss, your opinion of the workplace change won’t be a consideration (8).

Today under the Full Moon (and do know that its strongest vibrations occur three days before, the day of, and 3 days after it’s rising), write down on a piece of paper all the situations you would like eliminated from your life. Do not write in anger, for that wish will only backfire on you (i.e. do not wish harm on another — wish for a separation of the relationship).

After you have written your items down, take it to a safe place, and burn the piece of paper. Let your intentions rise to the heavens like the Phoenix in transformation. Then, Expect Change.