Libra Moon Opposes Uranus — It’s a Break-up Weekend

It is agreed upon by Astrologers that this Saturday, August 6, 2016 and Sunday, August 7, 2016, will bring a weekend of breakups due to the Libra Moon in opposition to Uranus. Have you been feeling it yet?

In the realm of Numerology, Saturday is a 6/5/5* vibration which announces Major Changes (5) in Relationships (6). And there are those who have already felt it days before its onset.

So, what can you do? Wait until next week to have that important discussion you feel has to happen TODAY! You don’t.

Unless the house is burning down around you and you need to get people out of it, wait until Monday. The Moon will mozzie out of Uranus’ line of fire.

“But I’ll go CRAZY if I don’t get it out of my system!”

Yeah, well that is what I thought, too. And I almost destroyed a wonderful friendship because I couldn’t find something else to do at that moment.

Let’s look at what else you could be doing under the 6/5/5* vibration:

  • Repaint rooms in your house, but make it fun!
  • Impromptu BBQs with neighbors. Go door to door and say, “BBQ at 3pm — bring something!”
  • Neighborhood Card Party — bring junk food and a deck of cards!
  • Board Games — Monopoly, Clue, etc. — Shut off the Videos and move your puzzle pieces manually.
  • DVD Night! Make them about adventure + family
  • Any type of sports or canoeing down the river
  • Getting Out OF THE HOUSE! The 5 can’t stand to feel as if it is in prison.

This vibration will not last forever, but it does have an impact while it lasts. Take the opportunity to give yourself some Sacred Space time as opposed to blowing up the planet.

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