Your May 2017 Numerology Vibrations — Personal Years 1 through 9

To find your personal year for 2017, add your birth month, date, and 2017 together. Then, reduce it to one number. For example: If you were born January 25th, you will change the month to a number (January being the 1st month — December being the 12th month) as follows: 1+2+5+2+0+1+7=18; 1+8=9. If your equation adds up to 11 or 22, write it as 11/2 or 22/4.

Personal Year 1 — Personal Month 6

As May rolls around for those in a Personal Year of 1, relationships of all types will be on the front burner. You may decide to pursue a new personal relationship, or take an existing one to the next level. You may choose to make new friends, or start interacting more with current colleagues at work. It’s a time of nurturing, and that includes yourself. What would you like to give to yourself in the health/wealth category? You deserve as many opportunities as you afford others.

Personal Year 2 — Personal Month 7

I don’t always enjoy seeing the 2 and 7 together because there’s quite a tug-a-pull when it comes to these two. One is as independent as the other one is dependent. However, where these two excel are in the areas of psychic ability, empathy, intuitiveness, and conversations with Guides. May affords the opportunity to practice your spiritual/philosophical beliefs, or divination skills. If you wish to learn something new in this realm, it’s a great month to begin.

Personal Year 3 — Personal Month 8

I like this one! When it comes to your job, business, career, or obtaining a job, the 3 and 8 work quite well together. Communication and networking go hand in hand with business and what better time to get out there and make new contacts. It’s a fantastic time to apply for a job. Think color! The artistic 3 is ready to accept a new image for letterhead, business cards, resumes, and one’s shop windows. Stay professional but bring some new life to the areas that surround you.

Personal Year 4 — Personal Month 9

If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, there couldn’t be a better month of cleaning out the closets, garage, or storage building. If you have a home office, 9 will also want you to take a day and spruce up that room as well. Package up all the forms that no longer need to fill your filing cabinet and store what needs to be kept. Garage and yard sales will be getting into full swing in May, so begin planning yours now (if you have enough to sell). By clearing out items no longer needed, you open up opportunity to bring in things you do need.

Personal Year 5 — Personal Month 1

If you’ve been treating 2017 like a kid in a candy store, May will throw another bit of illusion your way. You just KNOW what you’ve wanted up until now, and May will probably tell you to JUMP! Do it NOW! That’s not necessarily what you should do. Think twice…three times before making a decision. (And the 1 vibration will tell you to ignore this paragraph). This is not a soft, cuddly month, but if you are alone, you can get a lot accomplished. If you have family, you may have to make time for them in your appointment book. Freedom is the key trait amongst these two energies.

Personal Year 6 — Personal Month 11/2

Wow! Soul Mate. The special master vibration of the 11/2 joins with the family energy of 6. We’re looking for those special connections. If this is what you desire, be sure to place your intention out to the Universe — particularly during the New Moons on April 26, and May 25. Be specific without naming names, and allow the Divine to weave its magic. Perhaps you only wish to attract those opportunities you love into your life (business, hobbies, living situations). Not a problem! Do the same on the dates above. This is a month of requesting for you.

Personal Year 7 — Personal Month 3

Oh golly! The 7 doesn’t enjoy the 3 any more than it does the 2. You can, however, always find something that challenging numbers share. If 2017 feels a bit more isolating for you (7), than this is also a month to begin studying a new craft, a new hobby, or a new topic. The 3 will remind you that it needs to be FUN. After all, that’s a keyword for the 3. It doesn’t matter what you want to learn, so if you believe physics is fun, go for it. It’s up to you. Don’t give into boredom — learn something new. Remember — make it FUN!

Personal Year 8 — Personal Month 4

Here we go! If you have never researched the original meaning to “nose to the grindstone”, Google it, because this is what May has to offer us. (Yes, I’m in here as well). Personally, I’ll enjoy it because it means that an abundance of financial and business opportunities will be coming our way. Our job is to accept the quality and not the quantity. Take advantage of the situations as they come along, and be sure to create some of your own. If you have been preparing for the opening of a home-office business, this IS your month! Congratulations!

Personal Year 9 — Personal Month 5

Before reading further, grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit in a comfortable spot, and let’s talk. There is no other combination that screams “RUUUUUUN!” like this one. That doesn’t mean you have to run. The two numbers of change and “it’s over” combine for some really interesting days ahead. Cleaning out the garage? This is a perfect time! Getting rid of a job or relationship? Think twice over a cup of tea, while relaxing music plays. It may be the right thing to do, (and you know the answer), or it may be just jumping to conclusions (you know the answer to that one as well). If you’re not sure, write it down, wait until June to begin the final action, and in the meantime, attack the clutter in the garage and closets.

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