WIP-Chapter Sample

One of my writing goals this year is to complete my own never-ending story; i.e. finish the novel already. To help me along, aka a cyber kick in the pants, I signed up for a writing challenge. (Search #52 week writing challenge for all kinds of good stuff, including the initial post). This week, I’m posting a bit of a sample from the chapter, from my still doesn’t have a title, personal never-ending story or my Work In Progress.

Synopsis-as the novel is now

The novel has two points of view. One is first person and the other is third person. The points of view alternate, with the first two chapters in first person point of view and the third starts the alternating pattern and is written in third person.

The main character, Terri, is a recent widow, determined to stay on her husband’s childhood farm to raise their daughter, Chelsea.

This excerpt is their first solo outing after the accident that claimed the husband and father Kyle and badly injured Terri.

Chapter One-sample

The sympathetic neighbors with their casseroles were gone and my mother was back at her home on the other side of the state. Kyle’s death was only the fourth time we’d been together since I left home in a rooster’s tail of flying gravel six years ago. She had wanted to stay longer or for Chelsea and me to stay with her, but I wasn’t ready to give up the independence I had earned over those six years; the normal life I’d established outside of my hometown of Buck’s Eye and it’s reputation. Chelsea and I would stay on the farm, make it work. The farmers from the surrounding farms were already working in our, my fields, lending a hand when there was so much to do on their own places. I would make this farm work. I needed to make this farm work.

The Plan

Such as it is, is to put a snippet of a chapter up on Medium once a week as I work through the revision process of this book. We’ll see how it goes. :)