What Happens When we Part with our Things

I’m a professional organizer. It’s my job to go into people’s homes and offices and help them to declutter (i.e., throw things out; donate items that they no longer use; get rid of anything that’s standing in the way of their goals and progress) and organize (i.e., put like items with like items; set up systems for finding things quickly; don’t over stuff drawers and cabinets). This might seem pretty simple on the surface; however, there’s a whole lot of psychology attached to this work. …

Grampa, I’m Vegan!

This is a fictional story. My grandparents both died years ago, but my story describes how I’d imagine my grandfather reacting to hearing I’m newly vegan.

The car is packed, and I’m ready for my weekend in Glen, N.H. with my grandparents, my sister, and her husband. The weather is perfect for driving 3.5 hours, and we have packed the car full of easy-to-eat snacks like chips, wasabi peas, and my favorite: Bugles.

“Bugles are practically healthy,” I tell my sister. “They only have five ingredients!” Bugles are what vegans call “accidentally vegan” meaning that they were not made to be vegan or to satisfy vegans, but rather, they just don’t have any animal or dairy ingredients in them. …

Why Minimalism?

Maybe the life you’ve always wanted to live is buried underneath everything that you own. –Joshua Becker www.becomingminimalist.com

I call myself a minimalist. There’s no hard and fast definition, and that’s because minimalism is more of a belief or something toward which to strive. We could all benefit from minimalism. However, I’m not here to say that you must live like me; I’d like only to share my story. Minimalism has helped me in ways that I never thought possible, and anyone can achieve it. …


Cheryl Russo

Writer, city dweller, minimalist, professional organizer, vegan, and lover of sad French films