“The Way” you live and conduct yourself, how you treat first yourself then those around you. It’s a spiritual, ethical, simplistic thought of the universal treatment of all, nothing to be sold or bought. Three letters put together, so profound and reflective, whether Chinese, American, Indian, Canadian or whatever perspective.

The world can be challenged, your thoughts can run free and when “The TAO” is in place, all is meant to be. Even this poem that flows from my pen is living The TAO from the ink to my skin.

We are the way if we listen real close, inside us all full of love not a ghost. The empty you may feel at times is not real, it’s a mirage by your psyche burn through it, just start to peel.

Surround yourself with those that you love, animals humans, angels from above. Together you will find what you have been looking for, all the shades will go up and you will step through the door.

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