Wake Up

“I am awake” you say to yourself every morning at 7:00 am, my alarm goes off and it all starts again. That is the outside we all know and trust, the exterior side of a light beam “The Crust”.

When you have stopped and observed just enough, to effect who you are, how you live, who you trust! you begin to awaken to the world in your heart, the one who lets people and thoughts, and god the universe rule your smarts. You realize there is so much more even you can’t begin to grasp. The priorities of life, love, family, happiness…what is your path?

You wake up just a little, a tiny peak of one spiritual eye, seeing the world you were missing while sleeping all this time. It’s OK, your conscious needed all the down time at first, in order to collect the tools to handle the awakened thirst.

It’s a new life to live, the one where you are awake, totally conscious of all that surrounds and what is at stake. It’s only our life and existence of course, a fun playground where we should enjoy love and happiness on levels of all sorts. Try as you might to go back to sleep now, and light will shine in every time, “The TAO”.

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