I eat too fast to be a journalist…
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After the first lecture, I wanted to know more about what I had written for the opinion piece; which was the similarities between DNA and computer language — and can we successfully reprogram our genes? I was curious to learn more about DNA and Language, and how simply changing our diet/lifestyle can make huge improvements to our well being.

For me, writing a list of our passions was a great exercise and has helped somewhat; I’ve learnt what my true passions are — bit surprised really from what I had put. What I have learnt about myself this week is that I’m more of a people’s person than what I thought I was, being more curious about how people think.

I agree with Phoebe, curiosity is a natural part of our being, isn’t everyone born curious? it’s that part of us (well some of us) that wants to learn and grow, thus makes us more successful in life. For me — I’m curious about the subjects that I’m mostly interested in, and spend hours researching more about that subject to understand more, then I develop new ideas from what I’ve learnt.

As for where our ideas come from? I like that question — from my experience I would answer that one as being from many sources, for me, most of my ideas/solutions come via my subconscious mind, either through dreams or simply listening to my wisdom/intuition. I believe that those ideas, are the ones that are authentic, thus reflects our true self. It was my intuition that directed me to study Magazine Journalism — which is something that is way out of my comfort zone, and wasn’t sure that it was for me, however, I do know that it’s ultimately helping me. Just saying….

Lunch? well for me, home-made soup — it’s quick and easy, and that’s because the soup maker makes it for me!

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