To start the class, after warm-up, fellow boot campers made their presentations. the food for thought quiz was “how to make sure your code works”. From my research, other peoples presentations and Anthony -who was our instructor for the day- making tests prior to coding helps a lot. It creates a road-map for the coder who keeps making code to ensure the set of rules he wrote before works well.
Anthony then showed us how to make code by first writing unit tests and using jasmine, check whether the code we write pass the tests. i gained a lot because i had never used jasmine before and Anthony delivered quite well.

In the afternoon, Anthony supplied us with the Andelabs link and told us we can start handling the problem sets, they seemed intriguing. I stayed back after class and solved one before heading home. another productive day at boot-camp it was. looking forward for Thursday.


Caleb Achesa.