The Resistance Is On the March. It’s Time For Senate Democrats To Catch Up.

The actions of ‘Move On’ are like your claim that Trump was acting against Muslims, how phony. You know the ‘ban’ was on PEOPLE from those five countries whose governments and infrastructure are so bad they can’t vet travelers properly. Our citizens need protection from TERRORISTS who have embraced that form of ‘invasion’ into other countries. You use the fear of retaliation of Muslim radicals to inject fear and as an excuse for lying. Hillary Clinton, I think, once said that lying is okay if you are lying for a good cause, is that the mantra of “Move On’? The problem is, a ‘good cause’ is always there in the mind of the dissident, so lying comes really easily. If Berkeley is what we can expect from ‘Move On’ in the future, I expect you want to escalate this to civil war. Lots of us are well armed, Move On!

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