Akeda, the Binding and Unbinding… the Long Walk Back, by Matisyahu

Hey there! I really I identify with this. I begin my day with your songs. I get through my days with your songs. I end my days with your songs. As they always keep God in my mind and heart — I find my heart repeating your lyrics and melodies throughout the day. You’ve inspired to worship with my guitar in the privacy of my own room. Because ultimately, as someone once said (I forget whom), if the world was a stage and we were the actors — there’s only One in the audience.

And your last sentence was most profound; for I agree with it with all of my heart and is at the very core and essence of my spirituality:

“ For it is by grace you have been saved through faith, and this not from yourselves; it is the gift of God, not by works, so that no one can boast.”

Not on the “wrongness” of your action, but by your “faith”. Not by works, for no-one can earn their way to that preferred final destination, where one can be finally be in the presence of perfection and ultimate goodness, for that would not be fairness as the rich could buy their good deeds to outweigh the bad and those without could not. All we know in this life are shards of what was and could be — though there is no way of putting that mirror back together…unless…

Hypothetically speaking, have you ever thought that, IF this God was real and all-powerful, the One true God that created everything, that perhaps, He could enter into the physical realm Himself, pay for all our sins and come back to life, this resurrection as a kind of signature of sorts? Only hypothetically speaking of course. :P

Being God manifest in the flesh, able to achieve victory of the highest — the conquest of death itself, the greatest act of love and perfection to die only for the sake of others — but when viewed through the lens of a broken fallen world - a most debased, painful, disgraced and humiliating way…

“ Now your clothes have all been torn, Kingdom sacked attacked and dethroned”

I think, perceiving your transitions throughout the years, you’re getting closer and closer to the Truth, closer and closer to the Way and closer and closer to the Life. Closer to God.

The Spirit in me feels the magnetism upon hearing the truth of your lyrics, and maybe vice-versa if there are any truth in mine.

For the atheists in the room: that’s only if God is real. :) We’re still hypothetically speaking technically. Relax.

We’ve got a lot in common from what I’ve read. Our pasts, the roads we’ve walked down. Pot. Psychedelics. It’s interesting which path we’re led down sometimes in the pursuit of truth and something more real than “real”. It was good of you to share that, because I thought I was the only one who had that same lifestyle/circumstance, walked past the same kind of beasts and smelt the same roses, and have been led to very similar conclusions to the ones you have, at least from what I’ve read.

Anyways, thought I’d leave a few thoughts. Really wish you all the best. God be with you. And God bless. Much love.


A brother and a fan

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