Go beyond

I was only 17 back then. A first year student in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. We were given an assignment — create a blog of your own. There was no fixed topic, we could write about anything under the sun. As assignments go, this was probably the easiest it could get…

However, my team didn’t settle for easy. We had a crazy idea. We wanted to turn this project into something more, something meaningful.

The 5 of us decided on the topic of Singapore’s heritage. Usually, when this topic gets brought up, yawns would appear from the audience. We decided we wanted to challenge this norm. Through our blog, we aim to present our heritage in an interesting and thought-provoking manner. And so our project begun!

We realised that if this were to work, doing research in the comfort of our comfy chairs would not suffice. It was time for some exploration. Over the span of 2 weeks, we visited various culturally rich sites in Singapore.

Photos were shot. Interviews were conducted. Food was savoured.

At the end of each day’s exploration, we would transcribe our interviews and look through our photos. With the day’s events still fresh in our minds, we would sit down (yes, in our comfy chairs) and start writing each blog post.

Finally, after all our visits and adventures, our blog was completed. We had a total of 5 posts, each exploring a different area of Singapore. As we submitted our work, I felt really proud of what we had achieved.

3 years down the road, I still think back to this assignment, the adventures we had, the extra effort we put in and I still feel the same sense of pride and accomplishment I felt back then. Therefore, I decided to bring back our blog. Originally it was hosted with a paid service, so we took it down shortly after. I’ve since restored our blog, hosting it on GitHub pages for free so it’s now permanently available.

Without further ado, our blog — Heritage.