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I couldn’t agree more. My wife was the same age when we had our first, and she had just finished her Ph.D. It was now or never for her, and we made the same choice. She got that first paying gig, while pregnant, and it was in another country. I had to give up my job, and stay home with our child. She faced a ton of criticism, and my own parents freaked out. But our child has never wanted for a healthy lifestyle. And for the things that cost money, like new clothes, and baby equipment, there is a wealth of fairly new, material that parents are constantly shedding, just looking for a new home. I learned to cook, and clean, and bargain hunt, and to cook fresh food on a tight budget has, and continues to be a rewarding struggle. That sanctimonious attitude most often comes from people who are planning on not having children, or having them late themselves. What they don’t realize is that there IS no preparation that is adequate to raise a child. Look at Donald Trump! The only thing your child needs is your love and support. For the rest, you can always find a way. (That’s a bit optimistic, I realize that, but that’s honestly how I feel.)

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