Avoiding SEO Disasters: Practice Safe SEO

Chester Loke
Jun 12, 2018 · 3 min read

With the development of technology in the world, people began to develop an accustomed relationship with the World Wide Web. Aside from the easy information gathering process, almost everything we need can be obtained by sampling scrolling through pages and clicking on various sites. When an individual opens a hyperlink, they can easily view the information they need. However, for SEO companies, this action is a way to influence ratings. These ratings are necessary if you want to increase the ranking of a site.

The Influence of SEO on Search Pages

Creating a web page that aims to attract a particular group of audience is not that easy. It needs to consider search ranking factors in order to stay on the front page of the search results. Failing in this regard will lead to low website ranking, perhaps because the content is flagged as irrelevant or it didn’t pass Google standards. When this happens, the common action taken by businesses is to employ SEO Company to help them improve their site ranking.

Writing for SEO content is different from other forms of writing. It is guided by an established “rulebook” written by search engines. There are a lot of factors that a content writer needs to take into account in order to achieve a high ranking in a search result.

The content of a website must be engaging and informative in order to attract an audience for a certain period of time. However, since SEO is quite new and unfamiliar and the algorithms change so often, both novice and experienced SEO companies are subject to numerous mistakes, specifically when it comes to reconstructing web pages.

What is Safe SEO?

One of the established guidelines written by Google is that the web sites must create high-quality content and they need to stay away from irrelevant link build. In the past, SEO Companies work easily and reach the first page of the search results by building highly questionable links. But, due to the updates like Penguin and Panda, these sites take the direct hit and were pushed down to the bottom of the ranks. To avoid this from ever happening, practicing safe SEO is recommended. Safe SEO involves strategies that can help Google reach its goal to provide relevant and helpful information to most individuals.

Here is the list of the things you should be mindful of when practicing safe SEO:

1. The content of your site must be unique.

Do not copy from other pages no matter how great the article is written. Copying from other sites will flag your content as ‘plagiarized’, and it may even lower the ranking of your web site.

2. Never over-optimize.

As much as duplicating content is not recommended to be done, over-optimizing a site can also be detrimental. Be mindful of the meta titles and descriptions. Integration of keywords into the content must not be overused so that it is still comfortable to read.

3. Be mindful of the link builds.

You should be careful before building a link with other websites. You should also be mindful of the websites that is linked to yours. Any link building must be varied in content so that your website still abides the guidelines established by Google.

On Practicing Safe SEO

There are a lot of things that also needs to be considered, but the main goal for a web site is to reach the highest rank. Employing a SEO Agency will help you achieve this. If your site has been created to help Google present the most relevant search results, then your site is definitely practicing safe SEO.

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I'm a very passionate writer who loves writing anything specially on how to improve SEO and Digital Marketing.

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