3 Keys for better brand experiences

— Why experience is the key ingredient for strong brands.

Timing is everything

The first thing is to understand when the best moment to capture feedback is so that you can learn to deliver great experiences that involve multiple interactions across the customer journey. Mapping the ‘moments that matter’ allows organisations to understand the unique paths their customers take and helps unify teams to work together to improve the overall experience. Businesses should also ask about the experience after the customer has been through the entire process so they can get a fuller picture of the customer’s perceptions.

Get the right feedback to make the best decisions

It’s important for businesses to ask for more than just whether the customer is satisfied or not. Going deeper with the questions, pulling out a customer’s expectations, drivers and perceptions, will help you learn how to do things better.

Prioritise closing the loop at scale

It is critical for brands to respond to individual customers as fast as possible. However, prioritising learning and closing the loop at scale can impact many customers at once. Building a stable, repeatable process for capturing customer feedback at every customer touch point and acting on it is foundational to good customer experience management. This preserves and deepens consumer trust, especially if the brand is able to identify problems that you can resolve for them.

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