Facebook Adoption in India

The Social Media Giant :

Profiles of early adopters,early majority, laggards

It was around ten years back in India when Facebook launched, the similarity

of the PLC was amazing . The core audience was 16 to 24 , the early adopters which moved from Orkut (which was failing fast). This lead to Urban India especially Metros connecting on Facebook , helping in spreading it to young professionals in 25–34 & 35-45 age group s — The early adopters . By 2009 Facebook had already penetrated 50% of 16+ of Urban India.

The main platform for connecting and communicating , further elevated by enhancements like angry bird , candy crush , farmville,etc.

This hastened the frequency of adoption among masses and classes going beyond the english language barrier.

The difference of product adoption in India vs US : -

The aides FB provided the consumers hastened the half life through different techniques of adoption in India . The stripped down version compared to US product named FB Lite which could be used in 2G data services helped overcome the technology barrier and deeper semi urban push along with multi language capability.

Challenges faced by Facebook in India :- The language barrier being a major hurdle , multiple language usage helped adoption across the hinterland as well as south India. riding on Mobile penetration FB adoption rate was on par with mobile penetration especially android based.

How did it manage to cross the chasm? FB did have failures too like trying to ride on free basics , advanced search graph search and check in places.

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