In talking with senior leadership in several North American and European telecom providers, I’m reminded of the myth of Sisyphus, the Greek king of Corinth, who, because of his deceit, was condemned by the gods to push a large rock up a steep hill, only to see it roll back down again when he got it to the top.

Like Sisyphus, telecom operators seem condemned to an endless task of investing magnificent sums of money in bigger, faster pipes with denser capacity, to bring new services over their networks to their customers, only to see it all roll down the…

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with the smart folks at GSMA, to share my take on how edge computing will evolve for their global mobile radar report (you can find a copy of the material from the report below). Edge computing and its step-sibling, “fog computing”, are shrouded in the excitement and mystery of a new frontier, where trillions in a new addressable market will open up: and makers of digital picks and shovels are busy lighting the hearth of their software-defined forges, to design and build the edge infrastructure of tomorrow. …

Chetan Venkatesh

CEO & Co-Founder Macrometa Corp. Founder & executive focused on enterprise data center, cloud infrastructure and software products/companies.

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