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Let’s admit we all are used to perform some kind of patterned/repetitive-manual task in our day to day work. So why not take a step back and reflect on do it in a fun way?

Our journey started with our Platform moving towards cloud. Transitioning from an OnPrem setup onto Cloud does bring some challenges for the Operations Team. Some of them include: 24x7 Infrastructure up-time, Proactive Monitoring & Effective Reporting.

As a small growing team, we had big responsibilities of updating and adopting ourselves to cutting edge cloud technologies and be self-reliant on handling the cloud infrastructure.

Redefining Monitoring

Initially we equipped ourselves with a licensed software: New Relic for monitoring the infrastructure. …

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To any Operations Team, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) play an essential role in keeping the applications running and stakeholders happy.

There were a lot of metrics and reports which flow along timely-mails and in-house dashboards. But what was really lacking is: ‘Intelligence’. We needed to empower and enable the user view these reports to predict, analyze trends and draw conclusions. We came across a rich open source tool from Apache: Superset. It still being in its incubating phase, it does offer a solution to what we were looking at. For folks looking a dockerized version, it is available too.

We then started evaluating on how well we can fit in Superset to our day-to-day operational activities. …


Chetan Hireholi

Software Engineer @ Philips Healthcare

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