Opportunity hypothesis checklist

  • Is this opportunity in line with our vision?
  • Does it support the product’s vision and core function, or does it dilute the product’s value?
  • Can we do it well with our capabilities (or is it feasible and desirable to expand our capabilities to meet the opportunity)?
  • How does it contribute to our key metrics?
  • Do we have any data be it from analytics, surveys, or bug reports to support this opportunity?
  • Is it required to meet a critical business initiative?
  • How does it contribute to our users’ winning?
  • Is it on our roadmap for this year? Or is something else on our roadmap that makes this idea irrelevant soon?
  • Will it matter in two years? (It’s OK if the feature is to address an immediate need, but you’ll want to limit those, as you want to prioritize things that have a higher value over time.)
  • Will everyone benefit? If it only helps a niche set of customers, is it worth the cost?
  • If it succeeds, can we support it?
  • Can we design it so that the cost is less than the benefit?

Some more

  • If we don’t have sufficient data, is it something that’s on a rising trend?
  • Is it a blue ocean, is it creating a brand new uncontested market space?
  • Is it simple enough to capture the core hypothesis