And I thought my job was hard…
Punit Soni

Last year, I was guiding a Flipkart delivery guy to our building and I had to watch him reach my apartment correctly, so I was out in the balcony. Co-incidentally, an Amazon delivery guy also reached the apartment at the same time, and both were looking expectedly exhausted, thanks to the super hot summers in Hyderabad. It was about 2 in the afternoon, one cannot stand out for even a few minutes.

They both came up, I thought of first asking them for water, knowing how bad it is outside. Before I do that, the guy for Amazon takes out a water bottle from his bag and hands it over to the Flipkart one. He being under the same scorching hot sun, knew how much struggle the other guy is doing.

Competitors or not, that is humanity. I always offer them water, but this is the first time I saw these guys helping each other. They didn’t know each other, but knew only that their jobs and struggle are the same.

I never felt the same about them after that, not that I had wrong to think about them earlier, but I used to just think “they are being paid for their job”. Go under that sun, travel on two-wheelers for the whole day long, and then you know, money isn’t everything. They work real hard to make sure you get the package on time. And they deserve a smile, some water, and a good talk when they are on your door step.