And how is it that some names make you pause, make some tingling sense but remain beyond the horizon — trying to pull and fit together — sometimes just falling in place and sometimes remaining at the edge of thought — niggling, small, hard — almost not there — but tiny, insoluble and never quite going away — always remaining at the corner of your consciousness — reminding you of them — of something — which you are supposed to know — maybe have known — maybe will know one day — and then — finally — when it comes to you, when it does make sense, you feel a bit more complete — like you just released a breath which you did not know you were holding on to for all these days and years.

The first mate of the Pequod — that silent, upright voice facing up to the dark and tormented Ahab — the steadfast, the loyal, like a son to his angry, malignant father — that first mate — that fine man — Starbuck! Starbuck!! Starbuck!!!