Things I learnt about myself in 2015

  1. I cannot be friends with everyone. There just isn’t enough time.
  2. Family is more important than I realised. They need me and I need them.
  3. I enjoy spending time with myself. Since being less busy I’ve noticed I’m happier, I forget less, I plan better and I engage in better conversations.
  4. I like to cook. More than I realised. Especially for others. (Yes, that is an offer.)
  5. My favourite foods are often those with few ingredients.
  6. I like coffee, but only really nice coffee. Preferably in the form of espresso. (See above.) BUT NO MORE THAN ONE SHOT.
  7. I have a much sweeter tooth than I thought. I should probably watch my sugar intake given the history of diabetes in my family.
  8. I can feel at home in a place I didn’t grow up. I’ve made the time to be there more and treat it like somewhere I live. It’s our family home.
  9. I’ve had lots of great ideas, but they’re made worthless every time I haven’t followed them up with action.
  10. I still enjoy cycling for fun. I haven’t done that since I was at school.
  11. Yoga is good. I should do it regularly.

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