Study in Germany — How to Apply for a Degree Programme in DAAD Germany

Click on this link for a video chat with the head of DAAD India who talks about how to study in Germany, options to study in Germany for Indians, the German education system also top 5 reasons of why study in Germany, details of a PhD in Germany, how to apply for a PhD, eligibility for MSc in Germany, Engineering in Germany. She also talks about the university ranking system in Germany and which is the best university, how to apply for scholarships and much more.

This Part on how to study in Germany for Indians has detailed insights into

  1. The two types of Phd in Germany — structured and individual
  2. Eligibility for PhD in Germany and how to apply for a PhD in Germany.
  3. Undergraduation / Engineering in Germany, abitur, and eligibility and application process.
  4. A detailed discussion on scholarships for Indian students in Germany, how to apply for scholarships in Germany, the various scholarship programs in Germany,
  5. Costs of living and Tuitions in German Universities.
  6. Discussion on visas, student visa, work visa, resident visa, can I take my spouse with me to Germany, EU blue card and lots more
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