In a rare interview from the comfort of her ornate penthouse in Trump Towers, Melania Trump gave her opinion on a variety of matters from fashion to politics, on which she has some curious ideas .

On the topic of the ethics of her desire to profit from her husbands presidency to promote her cosmetic line, she said, “So what? People do that kind of thing all the time. Look at Putin. He’s become very rich since he became president of Russia.” W hen reminded that things are done differently here, she replied, “Well, things change and my husband will change things even more. So if he wants to get richer, or Ivanka or I want to be more successful because he is now the leader, then that will happen. He was elected because he’s a businessman, not a politician, and he will still be a businessman who will make us all even wealthier.

On Trumps executive order which ended workplace safety laws, she had this to say….” If the workers don’t like unsafe jobs like working in the coal mines, they can get an office job or work at Mc Donald’s.”

When asked about the planned repeal of the AHA she said, “ If people took better care of themselves, and Americans weren’t so fat, they’d be healthy, and wouldn’t have to worry about health care.”When reminded that her husband wasn’t quite thin, she added, “He is healthy, but if he does get sick, he can afford medical care.” After being informed that people frequently get sick despite their best efforts to stay healthy, she replied, “ Well, then they should put money aside or live with their health issues like they do in my country.

On the topic of cuts to diplomacy along with an increase in military spending, she offered this warning to the world…..”My husband is tough like Putin, so we don’t need diplomacy, because we’ll have a stronger military with many nuclear bombs. If anyone threatens the United States he will destroy them with nukes”. She added….”My husband is a fearless leader like in the documentary “Moose and Squirrel” I saw when I was young. He will not allow anything to happen to me or my sister wife Ivanka “.

Perhaps the most striking comment she made was her callus opinion on the proposal to defund the Meals on Wheels program at the federal level . When asked if that decision bothered her she replied, “ No. Why should i care what those people eat?” She went on to say, “ In my country we send old people into the woods without food or clothing to die. That’s been our tradition for a long time. It seems the only natural thing to do, especially now that the earth. is overcrowded. That would also fix America’s problem with Social Security.”

On the topic of Social Security Melania had this to offer… “Everyone wants something for nothing. If people worked harder, maybe started their own fashion line, or married someone who’s rich, or saved enough, they wouldn’t need Social Security benefits. People live much longer also and that’s a problem. Maybe if things weren’t so good in America they’d not live so long and wouldn’t need Social Security .”

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