The Case of Ex Lovers part 1

Like most of people I am guilty of judging, and the closer the person is to me the more I judge to the person. It is illogical in a sense — why would you not go easy on the person, cut him some slack! But no, the reason might be that it is my own projection of self onto the person, the standards that I may never live up to but will continue to include in the minimum requirement criteria to pass the minimum ethical level. It is just everyone who I ever value: friends, who have to be that — why else would I invest my time in them, family- it’s just the pure reflection of me, and lastly the person I chose to be with- my own responsibility.

So when I think about the past failed relationship I like to over analyze and put the blame on me. Never this and always that! But judgement comes out of my mouth at the speed of light , well at the speed of sound, but my mind originates them. Is it wrong? Definitely. Especially when all I am trying to do is understand. It is me trying to explain the observations and the knowledge that I learnt. The other person does not explain and keeps things to himself, creating seas of blank space that has to imprint in my mind, certain conclusions.

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