Team building refers to the process of enhancing social relations within a group of coworkers. It aims to enrich their professional lives, improve their collective collaboration skills, and promote effective communication. It is also often the defining factor that transforms a workplace into an arena for positive interactions and excellent job performance.

Sadly, it is also quite frequently overlooked. Team building requires time and effort that many corporate-minded leaders fail to recognize as indispensable. …

A significant issue with the corporate world is an over-focus on the bottom line. Often, business professionals are so centered on a goal or deadline that they reject any opportunities for lighthearted engagement in their work interactions.

As a result, they adopt stiff, unapproachable attitudes. This happens due to the misconception that humor can never coexist with professionalism or efficiency. In truth, there is nothing innately unprofessional or inefficient about humor. It is a pliable and dynamic tool that can be molded to fit a workplace setting and even improve overall productivity levels.

As a comedian, CEO and leadership consultant…

There are an estimated 300 million companies in the world today, ranging from individual startups, to industry giants such as Microsoft and Coca-Cola. Regardless of size, each of these companies has its own unique brand and branding methods. In a world where many markets are saturated with similar companies practicing similar branding techniques, it’s a significant challenge to make your business stand out amongst the competition.

As a CEO, entrepreneur, branding consultant and comedian, Chet Harding has learned the importance of brand personality. …

Small talk is a gateway to relationship building and it doesn’t have to be a source of fear. Entrepreneur and branding/leadership consultant Chet Harding explains how to improve your small talk and conversation skills in order to reduce your anxiety towards social or professional encounters.

1. Provide Purpose

Many people mistake of believing that conversation with no purpose and small talk are synonymous, which is why many dread the thought of small talk. According to Chet Harding, good small talk always has a purposeful force to drive it.

Your mindset is the key to making small talk effortless and natural. When approaching a…

The success of your board will always be dependent on the quality of your board members, therefore choosing an effective board is critical to your organization’s success. Excellent board members understand how to collaborate and communicate with colleagues to move their organization towards a common goal.

Entrepreneur and branding/leadership consultant Chet Harding provides his insight on becoming an effective board member in order to maximize your contributions.

1. Prepare for Every Meeting

In order to contribute your best efforts to any board meeting, it is key to arrive prepared.

The first step in preparation is to review and understand all the materials to be discussed…

Entrepreneur and branding/leadership consultant Chet Harding provides the seven most common communication mistakes to help you improve as a communicator in your organization.

1. Avoiding Difficult Conversations

No one likes addressing difficult topics in the workplace. However, the more these conversations are avoided, the worse the situation can get — this can snowball into more serious issues down the line.

Even with the best employees, you will eventually need to give negative feedback or deliver bad news. To prepare for these conversations, practice giving clear feedback and closing with actionable advice. …

Chet Harding

Sharing my views on the world from Boston, Massachusetts

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