Chet Harding’s 5 Reasons Why Team Building is a Great Investment for Every Company

Chet Harding
May 8, 2019 · 3 min read
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Team building refers to the process of enhancing social relations within a group of coworkers. It aims to enrich their professional lives, improve their collective collaboration skills, and promote effective communication. It is also often the defining factor that transforms a workplace into an arena for positive interactions and excellent job performance.

Sadly, it is also quite frequently overlooked. Team building requires time and effort that many corporate-minded leaders fail to recognize as indispensable. The truth of the matter is that cultivating a strong team-based work culture shouldn’t feel like a guilty splurge; it is a smart investment in your company’s overall integrity.

During his time as a CEO and leadership consultant, Chet Harding witnessed firsthand the ways in which a strong team can propel a business forward. With the progression of his improv comedy career, he’s had the opportunity to deepen his understand of how teams work, what drives team building, and why it’s important in any business setting. Here are five reasons why team building is an investment every company should prioritize.

Team Building Promotes Positive Workplace Relationships

Studies show that employees who perceive they have friends or a social circle at their workplace are less likely to dread going to work on Monday. In short, individuals who have bonds with their coworkers often genuinely enjoy their jobs and consequentially perform well.

As a CEO, Chet Harding noticed that making a conscious effort to promote team bonding lead to a direct improvement in workplace culture. When coworkers are given the opportunity to invest in one another socially, they will perform optimally as a team. In the end, this enriches team members individually as well as benefiting the company as a whole.

Team Building Increases Employee Retention

Research suggests that overall job satisfaction is more closely linked to an individual’s contentment with his or her workplace relationships rather than the actual tasks at hand. In creating a positive workplace culture through team building, companies are able to attract better talent and keep valuable employees on a long-term basis.

Chet Harding reminds team leaders and CEO’s that this means less energy and funds are wasted on scouting new talent and hiring new employees, leaving more time to invest in a workplace’s current team. In short, when a company focuses on team building, it invests in attracting and retaining talented employees.

Team Building Fosters Innovation and Creativity

When it comes to brainstorming, it’s true that two heads are better than one. The most innovative ideas almost always come through collaboration and open communication. In this way, building strong workplace teams promotes creativity and the exchange of ideas by fostering a sense of community and trust. Doing so creates a culture of creativity and innovation, which is an invaluable tool to a company’s success.

Team Building Creates Friendly Competition

In a workplace setting, competition should be recognized as a positive and valuable tool. Chet Harding reminds managers that competition can exist even in a setting where all team members are working towards the same goal. Imagine, for example, group sales targets or company contests that boost employer motivation while propelling the company forward.

Team building activities often introduce elements of competition, which serve to motivate employees to perform well. Competition-centered team building activities allow members to practice their interpersonal communication skills, learn how to best collaborate, and drive a general sense of camaraderie.

Team Building Improves Communication

Effective communication is the centerpiece of all successful teams. Competition-centered games and other team building activities give employees the opportunity to sharpen their communication skills. In learning how to better understand each other, workplace teams are able to reinforce their bonds, improve their abilities to collaborate, and ultimately strengthen the company as a whole.

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