Review — London Real’s Business Accelerator Course 
Don’t Bother
 (unless you are serious about changing your world)

If you are like most people with unfulfilled dreams and no clear roadmap to get there, this course sucks — don’t take it. It is a big commitment in time, effort, emotions, and willingness to change and grow. It will suck up all of your time that you are spending watching sports, Game of Thrones and being a social media sink hole. It is much easier to stay in the world of wishful thinking and buying lottery tickets. However, if you are serious about making a change and doing whatever it takes to get there, then you may want to take the red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes by getting transported to the London Real Business Accelerator Course (LRBA). Here you will embark on an 8 week on-line course that will help you to figure out for yourself what your passion is and how to live and monetize it in the 2017 digital age and beyond, by bringing value to others and changing their lives. The changed lives start with you and those around you as early as week one.

Brian Rose — From Science Geek to MIT to Wall Street to Interviewer Chair

I learned about Brian Rose who is the founder and head honcho of London Real as I heard both mentioned in a post by my friend Wim Hof — The Iceman. I saw that Brian interviewed quite a few famous people including Wim, as well as some others with whom I was familiar. I watched several more interviews and got on London Real’s email list. I was invited to a webinar that Brian was leading which ended in an offer to join a business accelerator course. At the time, I was almost ready to sign up with another course. Brian’s passion, energy and logic convinced me to go with London Real.

Before joining, I learned Brian was a high school science nerd from California. He graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and eventually went to Wall Street. Eventually, he was really turned off by the Wall Street culture and moved to London and started interviewing interesting people. For fun. There he found that “All that is gold, does not glitter” to borrow a line from Lord of the Rings by England’s native son, J.R.R. Tolkien.

The interview game is what Brian had become passionate about — meeting some of the world’s most interesting people and learning from them. That was the real gold for him, not what he was trading on the commodities and futures exchanges back in New York. But how to mine and extract it? Brian was trained as an engineer, remember? Engineers solve problems. He spent five years full time figuring out how to monetize his own passion, and then created a template to teach others. Spending my undergrad years in physics and engineering and having worked on Wall Street in commodities/futures shortly afterwards, and then years in B to B importing, I liked the fact that the guy running this course had a similar background to me. Just some minor differences. I was not a nerd. He went to London to escape from Wall Street and my destiny lead me to move to Moscow during the coup d’état attempt in 1991. But that’s another story for another blog…

So I took the Red Pill…

Over the past several months, I have been working to take a unique concept from Chinese medicine and its techniques in the wellness/peak performance space, package them and bring them to market. It is a field that that I have been studying and testing on myself for decades. So I wanted to share this treasure that has done wonders for my life and that of my family’s and friends, bring value to others and build a business in the process. I had an idea of what and how I wanted to do it, but realized that the actual execution involved so many moving parts that it was overwhelming or impossible to do quickly, alone and on a budget, while working full time. The need to study up and ride that learning curve of social media puzzle pieces, website design and automation, strategy and tactics for packaging and marketing, etc. is an enormous undertaking for someone that does not live in that world already. This all gets covered and implemented in the course. Another big arrow pointing me in the direction to take this course rather than another or go at it alone.

Down the Rabbit Hole — The Magic of the Crowd and Accountability

The course is broken into 8 Modules, one per week. The entire “class” or “group” is divided into teams, each with a team leader. These are graduates from prior courses who are now living the skills, techniques and philosophy of the course. Everything is done in a very methodical manner and progress is tracked on an interactive accountability document.

One of the biggest benefits of this course is learning to utilize crowd sourcing. The wonder and rush you get from this is amazing. This is used for business ideas, ad and marketing campaigns, feedback, and almost everything in some way. Crowds can be small crowds — 2–4 people, a Team (~20), the entire class or group (~130), social media following, friends and family. If you don’t know about or realize the world-changing potential power of the crowd, I suggest you do a search on super-star entrepreneur, Peter Diamandis. These techniques are brilliant, powerful and at least at the base level, free. Do yourself a favor and reread this paragraph a couple more times. You cannot overestimate the potential of this concept.

Teams and cross pollination of members between them become self-organizing and self-motivating and take on lives of their own. This is dynamic and evolving and I think it is an ongoing experiment with perhaps Brian and the team Leaders looking on in as much or more amazement than we are. There have only been several classes so far, and it looks like enrollment is growing at least geometrically, so they may be in uncharted territory. However, the course was cleverly created to adapt for evolution.

There are regular Group and Team meetings which are very useful and fun. Not the least of the strong points of taking this course is the people — the fellow students, team leaders and Brian. It is a caring, group, with people happily sharing skills, helping each other, and learning together. The amount of selfless giving and collaboration is heartwarming and has lead to synergistic results on lots of metrics. I wound up with an awesome network of 130 new friends. Brian almost promises that we will make a lot of money together working on projects or connecting each other to others in our extended network. I have not doubts. The course provides opportunities to help and be helped. To mentor and be mentored. No one comes out unchanged for the better. Life-changing habits and attitudes are imparted at no extra charge.

One important factor that sticks out — accountability. Everyone is accountable, and everyone knows where all the other participants are on the course deliverables time line at any time. Simple idea, yet very powerful results. This alone is a tremendous force in driving progress. Accountability extends to helping and pushing others. We all want to do the most the quickest, but we also want to take everyone over the line with us.

Workload — prepare for 2.5hrs per day and possibly twice that sometimes. Big time commitment. Good news though, your team and group mates are all around the world, so you can work at any hour on much of the project work. You connect with other participants, your team and the entire group taking the course via online video conferencing. It is free and works very well for this course and whatever your project will be. If they can do it, so can you.

Life and personal development coaching is thrown in gratis with concepts of Extreme Ownership of everything that has happened in your life from birth on, resistance to success, relationship with money, how to show up as the best you and bring your A game each and every day.

I made $800 in sales in week 3 applying the principles that I learned up until then at a workshop that I already had scheduled. That is before I even learned the good stuff. Then I made more with webinars. Now that I have completed the course, I have the template to take my idea and others, as far and wide as I choose. I know what it looks like from beyond the matrix.


So far, I can only see “good” ones, that come with growing pains. It seems like the demand and enrollment for this course is growing faster than expected. Some small glitches in slight differences in info in workbook, learning modules, etc. Sometimes updates did not make it everywhere. Brian and his team are keen on feedback and Brian has a streak of that production engineer’s drive for quality control — make the product to specs, do it well and consistently, and always be improving. Always. There is a ground up review of the previous week’s course module at the end of each week.

Bottom Line
 The value that I received by the third week more than covered the cost, which is $3,000. Just to be able to build a website and have talented people help you is worth more than that. Is Brian the first or best to offer such a course? Certainly not the first. However, he has a streamlined template that can get one from zero to monetization in <8 weeks. I got a look under the hood of “the matrix” digital sales and marketing, and business in general. In fact, how many of the world’s most successful companies of any kind shine is according to the strategy that the course teaches. For what is taught, it may be the best product development course available: the mechanics of brainstorming a business idea to getting a first sale, the freebie of a network of one’s own with great new relationships, and new or improved skills in human potential. It is certainly a steal at $3000. The only “if” is, you need to go all in. Great change in business is proportional to great sacrifices. You will need to get out of your comfort zone. The further out you go, the more significant the results.

You can continue to listen to motivational people that are all over social media. Many have wonderful info to impart — stories, a lesson and a maybe a call to action. If you want to execute though, London Real Business Accelerator gives you an algorithm along with a paint by numbers playbook. If you are ready to change and grow as a person and as an entrepreneur, then this course is for you. If you want to learn a basket of new skills for the digital age that can put you and your brand on the map, make it compelling and help it to sell, then this is the right place. The pace is relentless. However, people who want it to happen are getting it done and they come from all walks of life, countries, and income levels. Really impressive to see such personal and business growth in such a short period of time. The course has been a real eye-opener for me and helped me to better organize my Intellectual Property and put it into a compelling and marketable format that strongly resonates with customers. These are real skills and assets. The new network of like-minded friends is potentially worth many times the cost of admission. And then some. I have already started discussions with some of them of how we can work together. Some influencers with national reach in medicine and business are now coming to me to collaborate after they saw my digital presence since starting the course. Within the last hour, I agreed to form a partnership with a family friend and his daughter. He is a nationally known surgeon who sits on the review board and is a sought after keynote speaker. His daughter is finishing her residency at a top university hospital, is active on committees there and very active on social media. This course helped push this partnership to execution. The course is working already and a big scale for me.

If you are an entrepreneur or have a burning desire to become one, join the London Real Business Accelerator Course and its extended family. You will be welcomed, and you can thank me later.

Or you can take the blue pill and remain as you are.

Disclaimer (fine print)
 Neither I nor any family members work for London Real or any related companies nor received any compensation from the same. I was not offered any special fruit punch or Kool-Aid during or after the course nor have I drunk any on my own. The preceding words and results are my own. Results may vary.


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