The end of Fu Tai Market

I’ve never been a big fan of this restaurant. Yet, I felt the desperation of my fellow schoolmates today, sipping their very last spoon of that spicy soup and noodles.

For years, 越泰軒 has been a big part of Lingnan Students’ identity. Some go there regularly for lunch, and some just enjoy a nice cup of bubble tea in the afternoon. Every single Lingnan Students know that it’s the one good place to go when they don’t feel like eating at the canteen. And that spicy soup is just mesmerizing.

Yet everything has an end. So does 越泰軒. Rents go up in every way. And that renovation trick 領展 plays is nothing new but an old trick it started using back in 2008 and repeats every year. Maybe we should’ve saw that coming. Maybe we should’ve noticed that sooner and have done something to stop it. But there’s no turning back now. All we may do is to send it our best wishes and keep it deep down in our memories.

Tomorrow, Lingsulate is going to collect students’ wishes and hand them to the people in Fu Tai Market. Lingsulate members are also going to encourage students to engage with Fu Tai Market merchants and get to know the bloody truth behind all these tragedies under 領展. Hopefully students will not just remember the taste of the soup, but also the social responsibility a developer and property manager should have.

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