Female referee retired because of injury, point guard will visit Europe

Bleacher Sports on your social media account Baker wrote: “NBA referee Violetta Wright — Palmer, in 1997, she broke gender boundaries, will retire from the game, the referee will continue to engage in the selection of new work .52 year-old Palmer has a knee injury and his struggle for a long time, but eventually had to retire because of health problems and Di Palmer — Kantor in 1997 became the league’s first two female referees. “

In 1997, Palmer and Di — Alicante history as the first female referee NBA, but this road is quite difficult, and they had no law enforcement before the NCAA tournament or any other level of the game to prepare for.

Nevertheless, Palmer is still stuck with it, and become one of the best NBA referee, law enforcement nearly 20 season, April 25, 2006, Palmer became the first law enforcement NBA playoffs female referee, she also successful enforcement of the 2014 All-star game.

Teodosic through the best phase of his career. He led Russia’s CSKA Moscow team won the European Champions League, and later led the Serbian men’s basketball team won the silver medal in the Olympic Games in Rio.

Serbia 3 points in the group stage loss to the American game, Teodosic had 18 points and six assists, and dropped into a four-pointers.
Special Olympics has spent the peak of his career. He has led CSKA to get the European champions, who also led the men’s basketball team in Serbia to get the silver medal in the 2016 Olympic Games on about, just not as good as the US team. On the Rio Olympics, only a third of the US team lost the game, Matteo excelled, hitting four three-pointers, contributed 18 points and six assists, and let a congregation NBA superstar scared into a cold sweat.

Although Special Olympics has infinite yearning NBA Fans T Shirt, but because of contractual reasons he at least have to play more in CSKA Moscow a year. Nearly 30 years Special Olympics has been a personal fitness peak, but for him to play in the NBA will not have much impact, because he has always been known for shrewd cunning style of play.

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