SmackDown doubles championship belt

WWE SmackDown will be held “without mercy” (No Mercy) contest. WWE is currently planned in this contest and rhino Lionel Heath Slade against The Usos (The USOS), defend their Smackdown doubles championship belt.

Heath Slater on the plot going through hardship, finally partner Leno won the doubles title belt. But Chuan The Usos will “mercilessly” PPV contest to win the title belts from them, Slater and Leno’s belt did not take long, maybe you should lose the belt.

Randy Orton (Randy Orton) because in the “Summer Frenzy 2016” contest because Brock Leissner heavy hand caused a concussion. So he and Bray Wyatt (Bray Wyatt) in the “burst shock” (Backlash) PPV Battle contest had to be canceled.

After the “burst shock” staged, Randy has worked with John Cena (John Cena) to participate in the team race. But almost the entire game played by the Seine one person, only in the last resorted Randy RKO.

WWE Fans T-Shirts Becky Lynch (Becky Lynch) beat yesterday “burst shock” contest Nikki Bella (Nikki Bella), Natalia, five female player, became the first woman champion SmackDown, she published after the game her victory speech:

“For yesterday and I play against five female athletes represent extreme respect for the game they devoted all efforts.”

“It feels like a dream to win the championship in general, this feeling unable to describe in words.”

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