That Fast Food Worker Might Be More Successful Than You and Here’s Why
Susana Boatto


I honestly couldn’t agree more. Even though I like (and think that live with that in mind) the thought of always looking up to reach something better, it doesn’t mean that we can’t feel successful with what we have earned already and with what we are currently doing. I feel like this is associated with the thought we have here that success will only come if you hurry and do things on time, like if you graduate before certain age and don’t stop studying until you at least have a degree and a diploma for it. Just stop. I remember being rushed by that thought, and still kind of am, but I have come to realize, specially through words from Europeans and people who have visited the old continent, that this is bulls**t. You gotta do what you want to do and what feels right for YOUR life as long as it doesn’t affect negatively other people’s lives. If you want to travel around the world and only have jobs washing dishes to afford those trips, FANTASTIC! You are enjoying your life and actually being successful at not being miserable or fulfilling desires that aren’t yours.

This is also related to the assumption made towards some jobs, like they are less than others. And I am of the thinking that a job is less than other when you are sticking to it while being miserable when you have a better opportunity to have a more enjoyable life elsewhere. Even I have thought that if I got a job HERE (where people that know me can see me) as a waiter or something like that could make me look like a failure when that’s not the case. I remember reading this article online about how people who travel are more open to those jobs because what matters isn’t the job itself (as long as it is something inside of the law) but what they get out of it, and in this case is the chance to keep discovering the world.

Sorry if this came out too long haha!

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