The Power Of Product Hunt Votes

I’m excited to tell you about our new product which is called DesignWizard. We have received amazing support and positive feedback so far and are thrilled to see the excitement building around the software that we have so lovingly created! Now we would like to invite you to visit DesignWizard as we would love to hear your opinions about what we’re doing.

Last week we received over 100 up-votes on Product Hunt and sailed onto their front page within a couple of hours — *beams with pride* — we were also featured on Siftery’s Product and Design section. It’s time to hear what our other favourite website thinks of DesignWizard, Reddit we’re looking at you!

So who are we and what do we do? We are a team made up of developers, graphic designers, photographers and researchers. Together we built DesignWizard, an exciting, easy-to-use and affordable online graphic design app designed so that users get more inspired, more innovative and more proficient the more they use it. We have almost 2 million images available made up of photos, graphics and illustrations, each and every single one of these is copyright free!

DesignWizard gives people the power to unleash their inner creative magic.

The steps are simple. Choose a template, customise the image to represent the brand, occasion or event, download, share and hey presto — personalised, professional standard images in minutes.

We are constantly striving to improve the user’s experience by adding more images, creating new design features, building our template bank and coming up with fun and informative blogs. We are also getting an image overhaul: our website is undergoing a sleek new redesign and this will be unveiled next month.

And, to just to make your content creation process even easier we have recently integrated with Buffer, Marketo and Hubspot.

So, let DesignWizard put the magic into your marketing and the sparkle in your social media. Check us out and spread the word.

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