Q:What is Cega?

A:Cega is a decentralized derivatives protocol that offers baskets of exotic options with high yield and safeguards for retail investors.

Read this article for details:https://cegafi.medium.com/introducing-cega-the-decentralized-exotic-derivatives-protocol-c199908694bc

Q: What is Cega protocol aims?

A:The Cega protocol aims to offer one of the highest yield products across the crypto market with barriers that help control the risk exposure for decentralized finance users. This is possible through creating a structured note with exotic derivative characteristics and implementing it on a network with fast transactions, availability of derivative liquidity, and strong risk management capabilities.

Q:How It Works?

A:Users connect their wallet in the Cega web app and stake on our platform through a simple 1-click UI/UX to make exotic derivatives simple for anyone. Yields will start being paid to users automatically and will perpetually reinvest (both principal and yield) to compound returns on investment. Users can unstake at any time.

Q:How is Cega’s return calculated?

A:payoff formula:

Q: Who are your Cega investors?

A:Cega raised a $4.3M seed round led by Dragonfly Capital Partners with participation from Pantera Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Alameda Research, Solana Ventures and more.

Q: How to get the role “super sanics”?

A:You can contribute to the community and the project in many ways, such as:
- Invite friends to the community, help in its development;
- Help others with questions;
- Promotion of CEGA (on Twitter, blog, etc.);
- Providing constructive feedback on the project
- Creation of unique content (possible options https://discord.com/channels/923613303396253716/951350132442550312/951353267399565362);
You are not limited in ideas

Q: Where can i learn more about Cega?

A: You can learn about by following us on our main channels Web | Twitter | Discord

Official Links:






More information

we are currently still thinking about an ambassador program, but our moderators are chosen organically from community members who are active

if you are consistently posting high quality materials @Cega Mod or @Genesis will reach out to you!

PS:Thanks for reading.

If there is any mistake, please contact discord:golden sauce #6479 for modification. Thank you




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